Abraxxa Review – Does It Really Work?

Abraxxa is a prescription based penis enlargement product. It is believed that it helps increase the size of the penis in men by improving the circulation to the penis and increasing libido. Abraxxa also contains herbal ingredients such as tribulus terrestris, hyperprolactinemia, and aphrodisiac herbs like oyster, damiana, and tongkat Ali. It can be taken only once or twice daily as recommended on the package or as directed by your doctor. Abraxxa is approved for sale in Canada and Australia.

Abraxxa received mixed reviews by medical professionals and consumers, with some reporting serious side effects including allergic reactions, eye irritation, and stomach upset. However, other doctors have reported that patients who take the pills regularly experience excellent results, and that the effects are permanent. The most common side effect reported by users is headaches. Other common side effects include increased heart rate, diarrhea, and dizziness. These side effects will subside once you stop taking the medication. Abraxxa does not contain stimulants, so you should avoid driving or operating machinery while you are taking the product.

Abraxxa is not readily available over the counter in the United States due to its illegal structure. This is one reason that Abraxxa must be purchased through a company authorized to sell it in this country. While you are able to purchase Abraxxa online from an authorized vendor, it is illegal to order the product from foreign sellers under the provisions of the Economic Stimulus Act.

There are some men who report that Abraxxa increases the size of their penis by up to four inches. If you are one of these men, do not give up hope yet. There are other penis enlargement products on the market that claim to have similar results, but only work for about half of the men who try them. Unfortunately, not every man gets the results he wants. It may be that the product you were looking for simply did not work for you.

Another possible explanation for your results being less than ideal is that your penis is too small. No penis enlargement pill on the market will make your penis bigger just by taking it. Even if it worked, you would experience all of the uncomfortable side effects, which make penis enlargement supplements almost a waste of time. You need a supplement that has the right ingredients in it in order to give you results. Abraxxa is one of the few penis enlargement products that have the right ingredients working for their users.

One of the side effects reported by Abraxxa users, however, is an upset stomach. It is said to occur after taking the supplement within a few minutes. This upset stomach typically lasts for a few hours, or until the next morning, and has no serious consequences. Some men also claim to experience mild nausea following the use of Abraxxa, but it typically clears up after a few hours or days.