The Adventure Of Alan

What can Alan Puckett be talking about? Why is he so keen to talk about it? Where did this curious fellow come from? Well hang on, open your mind and you will soon discover all that Alan Puckett has to offer.

You see, there was once a small village called Alanapolis on the Norfolk Broads. There was a local donkey Herder, who had plenty of time on his hands. He had enough money to build an impressive lookout tower but he needed someone to look after his flock of donkeys. His wife, Jocelyn, always spent a large part of their evening’s shopping in a nearby town. The only problem being that she was not available for long periods.

When she returned one Saturday evening, she found her husband lying on the sofa. They were talking about their mutual frustration with their local fishing merchant for not delivering their caught fish on time. Jocelyn was not surprised to find her husband talking about money rather than fishing. However, when she enquired as to why her husband never returned from his fishing trip she was shocked to learn that he was out on his own again.

A little bird informed Jocelyn that Alan was on his way home. He never made it home. It turned out that Jocelyn’s husband was not the sort of man who could be out alone. So it became necessary for Jocelyn to dress up in her ladylike garb once again and travel to Alan’s. The long trek through the county was tiring for Jocelyn but worth it to satisfy her curiosity.

Once at the farm she found that Alan was enjoying himself immensely. She noticed that he had been reading a book entitled “How to Get Your Woman Back” by a certain Mr Jones. It was obvious that Alan knew what she had been reading about since the book’s cover page showed a portrait of Mrs Jones. Mrs. Jones looked every bit the part of a qualified and willing Lady Marcher.

Alan came out with a suggestion that she invite him for tea and eat it there that night. She was happy to oblige. Jocelyn was left with a feeling that she had discovered a whole new side of Alan. Her feelings for him had become stronger than ever. She realised that it was time to live.

Two days later Jocelyn was ready to pack her belongings and head for the lonely farmhouse. However, on her way out the door she noticed that the place was empty. It seemed that all of Alan’s worldly possessions had been taken away some time ago when he went out to look for work. There were no signs of a dog or any other domesticated animals. In fact, the only thing in evidence were the boots that he had brought with him.

Back in her room Jocelyn tried her best to sleep but the visions of the place which she had seen while passing in the fields had begun to distress her. She closed her eyes tightly as she felt her heart break. She wondered if she too would end up as a recluse in a barn somewhere like Alan.