Dragon Knight and the First Era by J.R.Tolkien – Book Review

The Story of Alessian and the Dragon is the first book in the Dragonlance series. It is written by Jim Butcher and is still one of my favorite fantasy epics. I have always loved the Alessian Empire, the Last Alliance, and their conflicts with the dragons.

Alessian and the Dragon are about a newly born dragon break from his mother’s nest. He wanders into a human village and encounters a group of people who believe him to be a monster. They want him taken care of immediately, but what follows is a strange and terrifying adventure where he must fight for his life against the evil that hounding him. The dragon is, in essence, a boy around eleven years old who has come to this village seeking out his foster-father. In order to save the child, who is actually a young woman, the two dragons are forced to work together against all odds to survive.

So far we have established that the Alessian Empire, the last of the High Kings, has declared war on the civilized lands of Astartle. They send their army of dragons to attack every city in Elwind, leaving only the Keep itself unscathed. This is because their ultimate weapon, the dragon break elementals, are stationed in and around the Keep. And it is this threat that allows Alessian and his companion, the high king, to make their way through the keeps using only footprints as their method of entering and leaving.

The book continues as the two kingdoms, Cyrodiil and Elwind, wage war on each other. Alessian and his dragon friend continue their dangerous trek into the wild, while the king of Cyrodiil plots to use his sorceress queen to put an end to their quest. When Alessian and his dragon companion is finally cornered by the elk, they are forced to make one final sacrifice to appease the gods. But this sacrifice brings about the reuniting of the Alessians with their dragon friend, the high king of Cyrodiil. When the battle is over, the three kingdoms are reunited and Alessian and his dragon friend are blessed with the ability to return to skim.

This is just an outline of the events that took place in Alessian and throughout skyrim. I would have to say that I would have liked to have seen some more of the characters and their back-story. However, most of that is what is given to us in the Valenwood novels. I know that J.R.R.Tolkien made good use of his famous fantasy genre here and he certainly did for the story of Alessian and his dragon friends. I just wish that I had somehow gotten to experience some of the history of the Alessians, the high kings of skyrim, and their defeat of the Dovish tribesmen.

The book of Alessian and the Dragon Knight does an excellent job of introducing us to the character of Alessian, a young man of the third era who becomes a champion for the Alliance against the dragons when he meets up with Prince Morgase and a group of Nord warriors. They are joined by the famed warrior-princess, whom we come to know as Balreth the Ashbringer, and a group of High Rock guards known as the Defiants. Balreth’s noble family, the Sunspears, are also well-developed here, as are the culture and society of the northern High Rock.