How I Got My Woman To Climax Like Never Before! A Review of AlexAceLove’s Product

The main question posed at the start of my Alex’s X Ray report was “How can you make your partner have an explosive orgasm live on camera?” The answer lies in understanding what makes a woman want to be strangled with chains, tied up and showed how she wants to be abused. A few short weeks later I was watching helplessly as my partner spewed small splashes of blood from her mouth and vaginal walls. I’m still learning new ideas about how to get a woman to climax live on camera.

My experience with a webcam has taught me that I should try to go a step further than simply watching a woman’s back when she is giving a back kiss. The act of giving a back kiss can lead to a lot of rubbing and licking. This action combined with some heavy metal music added a whole new dimension to watching my partner is having an orgasm live on camera. Watching my alexasexlove partner open her legs and then bend over had her squirming around like a cat being caught in a harness.

When watching the video, I also found out that another benefit to watching the back kisses was learning new ideas about how to stimulate her clitoris. It is not so much about what you are doing, but what you aren’t. The majority of porn stars are so good at showing you their cocks that it is easy to forget they have a clit, so instead I concentrated on how I positioned my hand to stimulate her g-spot. With the help of a light touch with my index finger, I gently rubbed my way towards her vagina lips and eventually found her g-spot. In turn my alexasexlove partner responded by squirting with pleasure.

I knew that the next part of my guide to help me learn new ideas about how to stimulate her g-spot would be to use a strap on her vibrator. I applied some pressure to it and watched as she began moaning and squirting. It was not long before she climaxed, and I held her hand as we both looked at her expression. This was the highlight of the video for me because it showed me learning new ideas about how to make love to a woman, and it turned out to be the turning point of my porn experience. From that day on, whenever I picked up a new porn movie, I would watch it over again, until I got it right.

While we were engaging in a one on one sexual session, our alexasexlove partner noticed something unusual. She motioned to the back of my head and asked if I enjoyed what we were doing. I admitted that I did, and she told me later that she had seen this same reaction from other people. What was it about this position that was so enjoyable for her?

I realized that it was the fact that I did not rush through what I was trying to do, that was so pleasurable to her. Instead, I went slowly and aroused her gradually, allowing her to enjoy the sensations of my erectile organ sliding inside of her. When we were finished, and she was definitely satisfied, she let me perform what I love to call the missionary position. Not only does this position let you spend quality time with your partner, but it is also the position that is recommended by the sexual health bible. So, instead of wasting your valuable time looking for the next porno that you can see, try watching this instead.