Who Is This Angelina Jolie Of YouTube And Live Cam?

AngelKiuty is a new online sex cam chat member who has created quite a stir. She’s an amateur model, an athlete and has gorgeous green eyes, big breasts and a nice full, perky butt. What else is new? Her special qualities.

AngelKiuty’s personal profile says she is “a wild and horny cum dog who enjoys sexual intercourse with strangers”. It also says that she is a virgin. This is quite interesting, as we can’t help but think about the fact that live sex shows often end in one person getting a great orgasm and the other person committing suicide or ending their life. But then again, this is probably just her personal opinion and we can’t really blame her for such shallow and negative perception.

Anyway, here’s some interesting information I found aboutangelkievna on her web site. She claims to have been a professional dancer for many years and says she performs at adult parties and social events. She has appeared on webcam in many live cam sex shows and says she loves to get off camera. She loves the attention, she admits. So, who is this beautiful woman with the big boobs and tattoos hiding behind her cute straight face who is giving us all the live cam sex shows?

I went to her website and was somewhat surprised by the content. There was nothing in there I could see that would give me any indication as to who she might be or what she did for a living. In fact, her pictures were quite boring and all I got from her profile was a link to her website. This lead me to suspect that she might be an online sex worker. After all, she had a link to her live cam page that led me to suspect this as well.

If you’re looking for online sex workers, especially those in Western countries, you will not find them in Ukraine. There is absolutely no need for them there because they are illegal and the local government does not want them anywhere near the country. So where do these women come from then? She claims she came from Moldava, a region of Romania. Moldava is famous for being a gay paradise. So maybe Angelikiuty really does have a job in the sex industry working as a dominatrix from a very unlikely location?

Her name is totally misspelled on her live cam page and all her contact details are listed as ‘mail: angelkiuty’. Of course, I have no idea what she does for a living but that is probably where most people getting paid to perform sex come from. I have also seen similar names on other profiles, but I don’t think they were meant to be sexual references. This is a case where it is possible the woman does not know how to use her real name but uses angelkiuty as her middle name.