2021 Messengers 2 – Analine – Movie Review

ANLUCIA, the acronym for the live movie maker; a top ranked adult star and the leading female porn actress in the world is back with another full-length movie called Anelia. I have seen the trailers and I can’t wait to see it. I am pretty sure the hype is real because Anelia is the second film in the Anelia franchise after Anistar, which became a surprise hit. The previous movie was said to be the biggest flop ever in the Philippine theaters; it made less than one million dollars in ticket sales! This is a staggering number considering the fact that movie theaters here are among the smallest in the world.

The story line of Anelia is that an evil dragon has transformed into a human and is on the loose, threatening to attack the Philippines, specifically Angeles. The Filipino hero class, made up of Filipinos and foreigners (mostly Chinese and Japanese) are on a mission to save the Philippines from the dragon and to prevent its destruction. Along the way they will encounter other supernatural beings like zombies, wraith, evil spirits and more. The hero class is made up of an illusionist (girl), martial arts expert (boy), a doctor (vet) and a priestess who are also an illusionist to help the others along their quest for safety.

Now, this story sounds pretty interesting enough that I really want to see how Anelia will end up outshining its fellow opening film Hell Lord. I’m also very curious to see how Anelia will be compared to Hell Lord because we know from Hell Lord that there is no one as good as the legendary devil, that’s why there are the many undead in the film. Will the story line of Anelia be similar to Hell Lord? And will there be a final boss for the hero?

There will be similarities between the two movies. Both films are fantasy-adventures with strong influences of traditional Chinese medicine and mythology. However, unlike Hell Lord, there will be no dragons or any other creatures prowling the earth. This is definitely a good thing because it simplifies the role of the hero. We know that dragons aren’t real, so there is no need for the hero to go and investigate a strange, dark, monster-infested island and battle an immortal hell lord-like being. A simpler, easier and more appealing role, that of a regular guy (or girl) who saves the day.

Another good thing about Anelia is that aside from its lead character, Alucia Sandakan, the movie also stars some of the best Filipino actors in town like Jay Ong, Edward Herrmann, Teddy Huffman and Pamil Locsin. Edward Herrmann plays the role of the wise and mystic priest, while Pamil Locsin portrays the son of a powerful warlord and an expert on undead. Jay Ong plays the role of Alucia’s warrior cousin, Cayo, who is also a skilled swordsman. The rest of the supporting cast includes Jovano, Maximo, Natividad and a lot more. With an almost complete cast, Anelia has a very exciting and engaging story line that will keep movie fans hooked till the end.

Recent reviews from movie critics and viewers have been very positive about Anlucia. According to them, the story line is very compelling, with its emotional and spiritual underpinnings. However, the plot is not exactly what most movie fans expect from an animated fantasy movie. With a mixed bag of characters, plot, music and animation, Anlucia failed to maintain the interest level of its viewers. Despite this shortcoming, it still managed to score an outstanding 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.