Princess And The Frog (Movie Review)

Brigittelaszlo is the name of a fictional character in an animated Polish fairy tale. The fairy tale, written in 1834, has been made into an opera by Wanda Jankowski. In this version, Brigittelaszlo is a merchant and a master of magic. He is quite skillful and intelligent, which is why he is able to take care of his daughters. His wealth comes from his business with the frog-like Kringle, who also happens to be the owner of a brothel.

One day, the Frog Prince decided to throw a huge celebration for all his friends. However, the King of Frogs was away and forgot to arrange for the proper entertainment for his guests. Then, everything went wrong and the women of the Royal Court discovered that all the men had forgotten their duties and were instead lazing about the court. The king was furious and decided to send for the old frog in order to determine the cause of his drunkenness.

As it turned out, the old man had arranged for all his drunken guests to be imprisoned in the frog’s den. This includes his two best friends, whom he’d taken along with him on his trip. The King thought he’d received an earful of blame when he questioned the women, but the women wouldn’t care. So, he put them to death, along with all the other men.

According to many reviews, the live action/adventure movie is not only great due to its historical accuracy and timely message, but also because it contains a decent-sized amount of nudity (which you may not prefer). There are no blood and plenty of nudity, but it’s definitely not for the squeamish! It’s mostly about two people in love who have to find ways to save the world after some bad things happen to them. The Princess and the Frog are a great fairy tale/live action movie that I would definitely recommend. For a few minutes of fun, it is very entertaining.

I do have one complaint. There is quite a bit of language throughout the movie, especially in the final scenes, which I found to be a bit irritating. It may not be considered as ‘porn’ by most mainstream ratings services. My husband, on the other hand, thought the language used was pretty tame and clean. It didn’t take me too long to put it aside.

Overall, this is a great animated fairy tale live action movie that you should watch. If you like movies that are funny, have great story lines and are filled with animation and humor, then I would recommend that you check this one out. It is definitely worth a watch. The Princess and the Frog are located in select theaters right now, until November 8th. Don’t miss out!