How Did a Cop Get Involved in a Live Porn Store Murder?

Bryttney Banks was arrested on 4th of July for attempting to possess live ammunition. He had found it while waiting in his car outside a bar he was drinking in. He got in his car and headed towards the bar. What happened next would have been incredibly remarkable if only he hadn’t already been on his way to jail the entire time. After getting into the bar he was immediately stopped by an officer. He was asked for identification, and when given it was discovered that Banks had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest for impersonating a police officer.

Why did this happen? The answer to that question is complicated. He had served many years as an officer, and although he had always been honest about what he did, the arresting officer just decided that he didn’t want to deal with the consequences of another disorderly arrest. Instead, Bryttney Banks went on to buy a gun, and unfortunately, he couldn’t pass any background check that would have been required to buy one with a shotgun.

That ended up being a mistake. When a friend of Banks’s saw him at court, he asked if he could hook him up with someone who could get the job done. A friend of Bryttney’s actually purchased the gun that day because he thought it looked like one that matched the gun that Bryttney Banks had. He was just trying to find one that looked like the one Banks had. Needless to say, when the gun was used in a crime, Banks was arrested and charged.

So, how did this man end up with such a felony? How did this officer not know that Bryttney Banks had been arrested on several occasions for impersonating an officer? There are many unanswered questions here. But one thing we do know is that in this case, a live person helped to facilitate the whole situation. This can make you wonder if there might be more criminal activity that went unnoticed by those involved.

The other disturbing part of this story is that not long before Banks went to this store to get his gun; he actually called his girlfriend. He confided in her that he had made a mistake and that he had gotten caught. He said that he had purchased a gun from a live porn store. That is alarming on its own, but even more so when you consider what else was going on that day.

Bryttney Banks ended up serving more time than usual in jail. He was finally paroled after serving part of his sentence. Unfortunately, he was required to leave his girlfriend and his young son in the car while he was away. There was no telling how long he would be gone. Police later found the couple’s car in an abandoned parking lot.