How Dirty Are Charylles’ Car Cameras?

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Now there are two ways you can use this little gem of a piece of technology… You can use it straight out of the box and “live cam model ready” or you can use it like a “pro” camper and use it in conjunction with a mini webcam to “tip charyleon toward goals set”. I personally prefer the straight out of the box method because it allows me to immediately see how this little gem of a device is performing. With a little bit of practice you will know instantly if the live cam model is performing to your desires. It’s also extremely convenient because you don’t have to set up a bunch of additional cameras and video equipment. Also, if you’re thinking of expanding your surveillance network by hooking a little camera to a router (a wireless router) then you have the freedom to do so without ever having to hook up those other stuff.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you have decided that you want to monitor your “house”, apartment, condo, etc. and you’ve gotten your hands on a nifty little live and work wireless video camera/microphone called the Cleveland Steamer. If you’ve been following my advice from this article then you’re probably already thinking about utilizing your newly acquired mini-webcam to get the job done. So now the question is… how “dirty” should you actually use this nifty little camera?

In general, I would recommend that you capitalize on the ability of “live cam” models to record to an SD card (or other such memory device). If you have never used any of these before then you might be surprised at the amount of useful information you can capture by setting up your camera to record to an SD card instead of your computer’s hard drive. The additional memory can be used for such things as recording video of your little nanny’s baby kick, or other such adorable moments.

But don’t worry, as awesome as this camera might be, I suggest that you don’t over-use it. After all, this is a live video stream chat. If you want to tip charyleon towards goals set in stone, then don’t be too aggressive in your approach. Also, as awesome as your mini-webcam may be, don’t be the guy or gal that encourages charyleon’s every whim to live out their wildest dreams!