A Look at Chicas Sexis en vivo and Televising Teens

The first thing you’ll need to know about Chicas Sexis En vivo is that it’s a new program from porn star and dancer, Valentina Noya. The 29-year-old porn star has had some huge roles in the adult film industry, but her debut as a performer on adult television will make you ask, “Is she the next Porn goddess?” The short answer is, she is the perfect candidate for the leading role in Chicas Sexis En vivo. If you’ve seen her in her past DVDs then you know why she’s one of the hottest stars today. But first, let’s talk about this new TV show that she’s got to work, and how it all began.

When not on set, Chicas Sexis enlies Valentina Noya, a dancer from the porn industry who has been doing amazing shows in various Spanish speaking countries. Her first appearance on the air was on the popular telenovela soap, La Leyenda, which is watched by thousands of households. That performance was followed by appearances on other popular programs, and then on the highly-rated Esquire. All of these shows have allowed her to become a celebrity in her own right. This is great for people who like to watch stars such as Cher and Valentina but haven’t yet been able to see them on the big screen.

I think the biggest advantage for Chicas Sexis En vivo is that it gives everyone a chance to see her up close and personal. For someone who isn’t familiar with her, she’s like a new kid in a sweet shop; she’s innocent, beautiful, and kind. In her short appearances on TV, people get a chance to see what makes her tick, and that’s rare with most celebrities. Many Spanish speaking stars are too focused on their career, their looks, and their money that they don’t give anyone a glimpse of who they really are underneath. It’s refreshing to watch Chica en la Guapa, and helps break the ice for those unfamiliar with this starlet.

Another advantage is the fact that Chicas Sexis en vivo shows her actual personality. Her smile, her manner, and her expressions are genuine. People can tell that she’s a fun person, and they can understand why she might be having a bad day (as she does). In contrast, many Spanish speaking celebrities only need their face printed on a poster, but they can’t ever show their real personality, so many people are forced to accept the image that the public sees.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Chicas Sexis en vivo is her ability to connect with the young Hispanic crowd. The majority of television programs target older, whiter demographic groups. With Chicas Sexis en vivo, she reaches out to the youth, and she gets plenty of support. It’s evident that her fans are a tight knit group. It’s apparent that Chicas understands the youth from her videos, and this comes through in her live shows. Her music video for “Tie Me Down” was especially popular among the younger generation.

As a parent, I can appreciate all of the advantages that my daughter gets from watching Chicas Sexis en vivo. Teens like it, because it’s really cool and entertaining. It makes me feel like I’m not the only parent with a teenage daughter who’s trying to cope with the pressures of being a good mom/dad, a student, and a wife/husband. Chicas is making the transition into becoming an entertainer easier for many parents, and it’s definitely making a difference in her career. Chicas is making more waves than ever, and it seems she’ll be around for a long time to come.