Cielita 143 – A Video Review

The movie “Cielita 141” is directed by Luciano Carla and screened in cinemas starting from Venice till now. This film is a porn fantasy based on the works of Colombia’s writer, Mario Puzo. The story is about an architect who gets caught in the middle of World War III and his life will be changed forever. In this movie, you can see young Latina girl called Cielita. She is an experimental android who was designed by scientists to perform certain tasks for them, but what exactly they want her to do is still a mystery.

This is a story that you will not find in any other porn movie. People can not wait to watch this movie and Cielita may become their next favorite. This is why if you want to see a good scene, you have to watch “Cielita 141”. It is definitely a must watch and has great quality photos and sound tracks that will satisfy all forms of pornography viewers.

The story behind “Cielita” is not complicated at all. The movie begins with Mario Puzo creating a story about an architect who lives his life designing buildings in a dream world. When the project is completed, he suddenly falls ill and his life is changed forever. From thereon, we see our lead character, Cielita, seducing men in order to fulfill her dreams and goals.

This is the plot of the movie. The story line moves fast and jumps around. I found myself stuck in one place for over 20 minutes sometimes and that’s a lot of time.

Overall, the movie is an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I would recommend “Cielita 143” to any person who wants to watch an all out sex video. It is a definite must buy for all male porn fans. If you are a fan of hard core pornography, you will love this. If you want to watch hard core porn that is totally uncensored, then watch “Cielita 143”.

The movie has good quality picture and sound. The video is not too long either. Overall, I give the movie a thumbs up. If you have not seen “Cielita 143”, do yourself a favor and go out and watch it now.

If you are familiar with the Cielita costumes and the song, you will be pleased to know that the costumes in the video are amazingly beautiful. The music is excellent and the acting is great. Even if you have never been a Cielita fan, you will still enjoy this video. If you have been a Cielita fan, you will absolutely love this video.

I am not going to lie to you, Cielita is very good porn. It contains some real beautiful shots and great choreography. The video is not long so you don’t get bored. Overall, Cielita is a great video to watch with your partner or even just by yourself. Make sure to pick this up if you haven’t already and watch it at least once.