The Creole Barbie Camsoda Revolution

The Barbie dolls have had their fair share of modifications over the years, but the French Culinary School known as the C&C Kids Food Company has come up with a unique twist on the classic Barbie toy – the Creole Barbie Camsoda. These interactive and customizable toys can be used by young girls to learn all sorts of cooking techniques, including how to make a chocolate cake. The product is controlled by an iPhone and is recommended for ages four and up. A digital camera is also required in order to upload your finished work of art.

The two main versions of the Creole Barbie Camsoda are the Classic and the Rose Quartz. The doll itself is eight inches high, with a body that measures about forty-two inches long, and a very attractive dress. The dress comes in pink, and the skirt and the bottom part came in blue. There are also special stickers for the parents to use to record the activities that their child goes through while using the Barbie. It is possible to play different scenarios, and Barbie is available in four separate files: Live Sex Camsoda, Kitchen Adventures, Cooking Games, and Treasure Hunts.

Just like the normal Barbie doll, the Creole Barbie Camsoda is customizable in many ways. A special sticker is provided in every package to customize your child’s head, in order to make her look more like the popular animated character. All of the stickers that are provided with the toy can be removed and replaced with another, making it possible to change her appearance at any time. If you wish to transform her into a pirate or a fairy princess, then you simply remove a sticker. The possibilities are endless, since there are many different types of accessories that can be added to the toy in order to personalize her appearance – from bling-blings, to Bohemian clothing.

One of the greatest additions to the Creole Barbie Camsoda is the ability to engage in cooking games with her. Using the included sensor and camera, she can create mini recipes right on the toy. You simply program the ingredients she needs, and watch as she creates the perfect dish. As she gathers her ingredients, a mini chef will appear on the screen to help her. After completing each recipe, the cooking menu will change, and she will have to choose which option she would like to go with.

In addition to her ability to make mini recipes, the Creole Barbie Camsoda also comes equipped with a number of cooking games, which help her gather her ingredients and prepare the dishes. Each game includes a number of cooking challenges, and your child can test her skills on different levels. Once you complete the cooking games, you will unlock new ones! There are also a variety of achievements to be achieved, ranging from simply collecting all ingredients to finding the most dishes cooked in the given time period.

Camsoda has really taken the cooking online world by storm, and with such a diverse selection of recipes available, it is easy to see why. The overall quality and craftsmanship of the product though are beyond reproach. Many parents have voiced their approval as well, citing the product’s durability and long-lasting wear and tear factor. With this in mind, parents may want to consider purchasing the Creole Barbie Camsoda over its competition.