Daryta Sanchez Cam’s Teleseminar – Can You Get Her First List Building Step by Step?

When I was doing my research on Amy Sanchez and her live webcam show, I really got interested when she claimed to have been doing her shows for more than two years ago. Back then she was promoting a product called Naughty Pets. This was the first thing I heard about her when I did my research. I have to admit that I was impressed with her claims, and I thought that she had done some amazing work up until six months ago.

Now I know that this is no longer the case, and I am very curious to see what she has planned for her show in the next few months. She claims that she now has over 100 thousand visitors a month. So if she is doing twice as many shows as before then that must be pretty impressive. I will be curious to see how she does in the next couple of months with all of the traffic she gets.

I also found it interesting that she talks about not being able to make the videos because of technical difficulties. It seems like it would be easy for her to do these in the past, and I even suggested making videos in the past for my website, but that seems to be so much harder than it used to be. Are the technical difficulties related to attracting more subscribers or is it something else? It would be interesting to see the answer to that question.

Also, I really like the way she talks about her product. She emphasizes the benefits of a product and talks about it being easy to use. It seems like she really cares about her customers, even though she is selling a service.

In the second paragraph, she mentions that she gets emails from “newer subscribers”. The tone of the email is different than the one she uses in the rest of her articles. Could she be getting more subscribers as her articles are getting more read? Perhaps, or perhaps this is another of her tricks to keep her readers interested. This all depends on what you think.

In conclusion, I enjoyed reading her article and liked the way she was promoting her teleseminar recording with the same product as before. I’m interested to see if the list building works in her new audio. Based on the first three entries I’ve read of her, she appears to be a good marketer and that she is using a lot of good tactics to get subscribers to her list.