The Dangers of Leak Certification

It has been reported that the ‘Dikileaks’ website is in fact a proxy site used by several hackers around the world to release compromising information on government operations. This report has been circulating the internet for some time, but it appears to have been gaining even more traction over the past week or so. The reason behind this may be due to the involvement of former US army private Chelsea Manning in the group. The group, which calls itself a ‘hacktivist’ group, is dedicated to ‘dissertations of power’, or in other words, exposing the unethical and often unlawful activities carried out by high ranking government officials and military personnel.

It is not entirely clear what the intentions of the ‘Dikileaks’ organization are although it is widely reported that its purpose is to publish compromising information that may be embarrassing to powerful people. While the main website does not contain any illegal material, it is possible that other websites linked to it contain material that may be. In addition to publishing such material, many of the members of the site to encourage others to pass on the same links and documents so that the work of many more people can be laid out onto the internet. As such, it is quite likely that a large proportion of the leaks come from a large number of people, not just those involved with the government.

It is also widely reported that there are links to the ‘Dikileaks’ website on hacked websites associated with Anonymous. If this is the case, it is difficult to determine whether or not there is any legitimacy behind the operation. The information on the hacked websites seems to be mostly about State Department diplomatic issues, however some of it is also apparently dedicated to supporting the military forces. There have also been reports that links to ‘Dikileaks’ may also be found on the military blogging sites. However, it is difficult to ascertain whether or not these reports are true given that there is no official announcement by the military regarding any of their websites being hacked.

The United States government has denied that they are aware of any such websites being hacked into. However, former president George W. Bush reportedly once had his staff search for any connections to the leaking of classified government information. It is also not clear whether or not any such links exist within the government itself. The Department of Defense and the director of the CIA have neither confirmed nor denied the existence of such links.

It appears that there are several different ways in which websites associated with the whistle blowing movement may be leaking information. For example, many of the sites associated with Anonymous contain embedded programming that automatically updates the list of ‘Dikileaks’ websites every fifteen minutes. The list is published across the Internet in an almost constant stream. This has the effect of making it impossible to stop people from clicking on these links in order to expose the secrets of the government. In addition, the automatic updating system of many of these websites makes it practically impossible for the US government to stop them from leaking.

It appears that the biggest problem facing the Government, as well as the general public, are the fact that the leakers do not appear to be putting any type of value to their information. All they seem to be interested in is causing enough ruckus to make the government look bad. This is problematic because many people believe that the leakers should act more like journalists and provide authentic information instead of posting things that could easily be found by any individual with the Internet. If the public believes that their government is not doing something to stop the leaks then the credibility of the entire system will be lost. This would mean that the very thing that is supposed to make our government better at performing its duties will actually make things worse.