My First Experience With a Female Snap Chat Model

Dirtyx BIGASxs is an internet dating site dedicated to those in search of beautiful Latinas in the United States. She is a young Latina female. She is currently separated from her boyfriend who she was engaged to for over a year. They broke up because the relationship became too hectic for them both and did not see eye to eye on various issues that were affecting their relationship.

I met Dirtyx BIGASqs through a live chat room that she was using to find a date. I asked her if she was ready to directly initiate a date with me. She said “I’m ready to but you have to make me feel special first”. She then explained that when making a first date it is always the man that wants to initiate things rather than the woman. “I want to make you feel special” she added. I understood what she meant by that and we immediately went on to the subject of sex.

She told me that she was feeling very nervous about our first date and was not looking forward to it. She told me that she was extremely nervous about the fact that I could see her vagina and that I might decide to see her bottom while we were on the live video stream chat. “I’m sure you will understand why I am not looking forward to it” she said. “okay”, I replied and began to imagine how stupid it would be if I decided to see her bottom while she was live on camera.

“Well I will make you happy”, she said as she began to undress in front of me. “My live video stream chat will only last for about five minutes, so it is going to have to be quick”. “I will get ready soon” I said. “Great” she said as she sat on the edge of my penis, waiting for the dirtyxbigasxs live sex experience to begin.

We got onto the live cam show, which was full of other sexy mature women. I could see that she was nervous as she placed her hand over her stomach and started to undress. Of course, I did the same as she placed her hands over her stomach and began to undress. There was nothing interesting about the other cam models other than they all seemed to be a little overweight and a little full of fat. I wondered how she could have a big vagina but not gain a lot of weight over the years, or how she could sit on my penis for such a short time period, but I didn’t ask her.

It was obvious to me from the instant I entered her snapchat that she was a young girl looking to become a webcam model. Within minutes, I had her selecting her clothing, and now the fun began as we began to talk dirty to one another. As she was selecting her clothing, I found out that she was only eighteen, but it didn’t bother me as I imagined that most teen models are much younger. After some more chatting and flirting, I decided that it would be a good idea for us to make an arrangement with our Snapchat for her to come back to me and give me one of her first viewings.