4 Seduction Techniques You Can Use to Be the Alpha Male

In the world of dating, dominatrix lingerie is one of the most sizzling categories. Dominating women can take men to new heights of pleasure. But some women are too aggressive in their approach to sex. If you are a dominant lady who wants to dominate the action in your bedroom, then these tips on how to please your man with domination might help:

Use live sex cams. These days, you can find a lot of erotic live-streaming webcams that let you see other people’s sexual acts live on line. With this, you can better get into the mood for a steamy session with your partner. You can watch other people as they show off their best moves, giving you tips on what works and what doesn’t. With the use of cams, you can be a confident and naughty doing all throughout the night.

Learn to touch other men seductively. Yes, this is one tip that most men do not know about. Actually, there are so many sexy ways on how to touch men for a seductive moment. The more you touch your man, the more he will turn on you. If you are able to build up his arousal through touch and romance, then you are one step ahead of the game.

Learn how to read other women. Most dominant women have their own unique way of speaking, dressing, and even acting. Because of this, you need to learn how to read such women so that you can properly tease and play with them. Most dominant women like to act like they’re unapproachable, but with the use of live streaming cams, you can easily do this.

Make use of flirty pickup lines. When you’re with a man, remember to always say sexy things to lure him into sex. Once you’ve started to flirt with a man, remember to make suggestive pickup lines so that he’ll get turned on by the thought of you. Once he senses that you want him, then he would feel pressured to initiate sex.

Get in bed and forget about everything else. Remember that you have other goals in life aside from having your boyfriend or husband in bed with you. For most men, this will bother them because they are too used to getting their sexual needs met in the bedroom. If you don’t give him a reason to get turned on and to perform oral sex on you, then he will go straight to your underwear and boobs.