Erotic Mind Control with Aion – The Eleonorajade Effect!

It wasn’t until I saw “Elinorajade” that I really understood what the rules of the internet are. Now, a comedy-thriller doesn’t sound quite as bad as Rule 34, but it sure is impressive. A harem comedy doesn’t have to be dark and edgy, with a bunch of foul-mouthed women shoving each other in corners. In fact, an animated web-novelette is just as much fun as an in-person harem.

Rule 34: Don’t Rule the World. Of course, it also says something about the character of Ice, a Cleveland SEO pro turned dirty detective. I’m not going to give too much away, other than to say that his adventures with his live-in girl, Ella, are more steamy and sexy than they would have been had they happened in person. (Besides, there were way too many screenplays for the movie to use real people.) But the rule 34 bits in the title pretty much says it all.

In order to fully appreciate “Elinorajade,” you have to see it for the video release. This is part of the reason why the book has never really gotten big. People either love it or hate it. Well, most people love it. The fact that it’s just one of those Cleveland SEO whacky stories makes it all the more interesting.

The story begins with the sleazy, entitled Cleveland SEO wannabe, Hector, trying to impress some hotshot rich girl. He gets her phone number and texts her a bit, but she tells him to stop it because she’s a married woman. Oh, yeah, she’s a CLEAN, CARRIERED, EURINORA.

Her friend, Cara, tells her about this porn star from Texas, Eleonorajade. She invites him over to her house, and suddenly this dirty little porn star is sucking her friend’s cock. In fact, he’s so turned on he wants to jump in there right away. But first he has to go change into his robe and bunny costume (yuck) before touching any of her body.

All of a sudden, BAE CLEVELAND catches his eye and starts rubbing up against him. BAE CLEVELAND: “You liked my outfit, but. You like my outfit, but. I’m going to give you the hardest-on-the-balls-ever talk I’ve ever had with you.” Bae CLEVELAND then proceeds to seduce Eline.

Eventually, Eline manages to get on top of Bae. He starts kissing and pinching her all over. Then he starts kissing and nibbling on her neck, and earlobes. While this is going on, Eline starts getting aroused. She tries to push him away, but eventually he agrees to “work things out” between them.

It ends with Eline on top of Bae, pinning him down. They kiss some more, then Bae gets on top of Eline and rides him. In the end, Bae pulls out his penis and fucks Eline, shooting a huge load of semen all over her face. Everyone in the room is shocked…