essiexo – Get to Know the EssieXO Technology

EssieXO is free live web cam chat model ready to flirt and chat! Simply click on the “link” or direct the live web cam chat streaming live to your computer or laptop, join the fun in tipping EssieXO toward sexual goals set! Simply register for free and you’re all set to dive into the hot-tub heaven with beautiful webcam star already wet (you can feel it already!) ready to pleasure you.

What’s so great about EssieXO? There’s a very simple reason: The free version only features two models, you and a random stranger. If you want to make your webcam experience as enjoyable as possible, you need more than just two cameras. A webcam can only do so much – it won’t help when you’re at the other end of the line and someone else joins the chat, or when you’re not at home but you have access to a computer. Now, you can be that someone else by downloading the latest version of Essie webcam and starting to snapchat with another cam model!

The latest version of EssieXO gives you access to three different models, each of which come with their own name badges. You’ll recognize them by the “X” through the corner of their head. After registering, login and start chatting. Be sure to read the forum thread before starting your session. It’ll help you know what to expect. If you do happen to come across some problems, there are several helpful people in the HHD chat room who will be happy to help out.

You don’t need a Premium membership to become one of the many members of the HHD community. For free, you can browse through the extensive photo galleries, get an idea of the types of models available and get a feel for the atmosphere of the chat room. But if you want more, you can upgrade to a premium account which will give you access to the private rooms where only premium members can enter. That means no one else will be able to join and make sex dreams come true!

What makes EssieXO stand out from the rest is its novel approach to using technology to bring together people who may never have been able to meet. Its instant live cam features let you see instantly whether someone is talking to you. When you are logged into your HHD account, click on the “Teaser” tab and then choose the option “I’m a Live Cam Model!” Selecting this option will instantly initiate a live video stream for you to view right away. Choose a favorite website and tune in as she makes her way around the room, whether it’s to find a good place to take a bubble bath or to ask you about your day.

One more thing you have to love about EssieXO is how its technology allows you to directly initiate conversation with others. You may use the tabs to start a voice conversation or you can simply speak to her in the chat room. When you give her your name, she will recognize you as the same person she was chatting with in the public chat and will welcome you by saying hello. You can then ask her out on a date or just spend quality time together.