The Life of a Professional Dance Teacher

Faridae is a local girl who started dancing at a very young age. She attended local dances and was always the center of attention for the older ladies in the community. As she grew older, she began to take acting and music lessons as well. She pursued this for a while until she received a call from an agency that specializes in casting young girls in dance and music.

The Teacher: Faridae began teaching ballet at the age of 13 for the local gymnastics team of Peace River. She taught ballet for the next few years before becoming a choreographer. Throughout this time, she continued to be a dancer and choreograph for local events and recitals. While still choreographing, she also participated in local shows and dance competitions.

Faridae’s Dance CD: During one of her first dance shows, Faridae decided that she wanted to put together a CD that would highlight her talent. She knew that choreography was one of her strong suits and therefore this was going to be her first “real” show. She contacted several dance studios to learn how to choreograph a simple song. Eventually, after getting the go-ahead from the manager, Faridae began putting together a demo CD with the goal of getting it put onto a cd for sale. This was when she learned that her talent had landed her a job as a dance teacher in a summer camp.

Faridae’s First Job: When Farida was first hired as a dance teacher at a summer camp, one of the first things that the director noticed about her was how well she learned the choreography. Because of this, he made Farida an instructor on his second camp. During her first week as a dance instructor, Farida impressed the director so much that he hired her right away. This gave Farida the confidence to develop into a choreographer on her own.

Farida’s Second Job: After getting back from her dance studio job, Farida knew that she wanted to teach dance professionally but did not have the financial means to pay for classes. She decided that she would like to teach a private class for wealthy individuals. She researched online to find a ballet studio that offered this kind of lessons. This allowed her to get the necessary credentials and start learning how to choreograph for rich clients.

Farida’s Dance Teaching Work Experience: Farida found out that if she taught at a high-end dance studio, there would be a lot more chance of getting jobs. So, she kept looking for choreographers to teach at her new dance school. Eventually, one of the members of staff saw her name on an interview list and got in touch with her. She learned that this man was the head of a very successful dance studio. After a few more phone conversations, they finally met and Farida was invited to learn at his place!