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Have you seen the free Indian cams on several web sites? You might have also noticed that some of these websites have removed the live sex cams from their web sites. Why has this happened? Why are the live Indian cams being removed? What’s the big deal?

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The fact is, many webmasters who had these live Indian cams did not remove the live cam from their website. Rather they allowed others to use it. Some of them will allow the cam users to use the cam and take a look at the show if they want. Many others require the cam users to register and then they can actually view the live show. These webmasters apparently felt threatened by the emergence of these webcam shows and therefore, they deleted the live cam.

You can think of it this way – a beautiful girl in a sexy dress, with a very sexy body and obviously, she is having a good time is a cam model. You might say that she is having a nice cock and you are looking at her. Is it not a little weird that you get to see her doing what she likes, and that you can even control her movements and what she does with her body?

I think you get the point, and we are not talking about erotica here. This is a common scenario, and even when you pay for a hotel room, you have to remove your clothes and lie down on the bed. This is not always illegal per se, but you certainly do not enjoy what you are watching in there. In this case, the woman in the live Indian Cams has a camera on her and she is enjoying her favorite activity, which is obviously taking off her pants. Is it legal to show someone’s genitals while they are tied down to a bed in a hotel room?

Well, you could argue both sides of the argument, but it does not really matter. If she enjoys it, so is everyone else, and if she does not like it, well, we can live to regret that one! For all we know, this hot girl may be a porn star or maybe she is just a normal girl looking for a nice cock to take home. Either way, this story is a little extreme, but we are not talking about laws here, we are talking about simple human rights, which is more important.