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If you haven’t heard of Giaili yet, don’t worry. This review will inform you about the real story behind this online Russian dating service. I’ll also help you decide whether it’s worth joining now and if there are any drawbacks you should consider before paying for a membership.

Giaili is based in the United Kingdom. The owner and operator of Giaili are a married man called Alex from Reading. According to Alex he met his future wife Ester in a gay bar in Reading in 1996. A few years later he went on to marry Ester, but in the interim Ester ran her own gay club called “Pansy”.

The story goes that Alex and Pansy both had two homosexual lovers. When they decided it was time to get married, they sent their children to live with their father in America. One day in the USA the children were separated. One of the fathers said to his partner, “I think I’ve found my perfect mate. Maybe we should try a gay dating site!”

So Giaili was born. She was taken in by an elderly couple who took care of her while her mother shopped around. Soon enough, Giaili had a stable home and a new family. Her new family didn’t seem to have much money, though. They lived off a meager income from part-time jobs.

One day a friend visited Giaili and invited her over to her friend’s house. The two girls got to chatting in the living room and soon the friend invited Giaili to go to a “bear party” that was being thrown for some boys the next weekend. Giaili accepted the invitation, feeling she should at least be able to attend.

As it turned out, Giaili was going to have a lot more fun at this “bear party.” When the “boys” arrived they were all in their teens or even younger. Giaili couldn’t believe how young these guys were. When she asked if she could join, she was told yes. Giaili went to the free sex chat that evening and had a lot of fun chatting with some of the older guys.

One of the “boys” asked Giaili if she minded having sexual intercourse with him. Giaili told her no, she didn’t want to do that, but she did feel it was good to see how relaxed the girls were. She felt she had a better idea of what the other girls were like. She decided she wanted to go home and tell Joana what had happened. Joana asked if she could give Giaili a trial run of having sex with other girls. Giaili said sure, that she was happy with her experience and she would like to try it again.

Joana informed Giaili that most sites don’t allow persons under the age of 16 to be members. Giaili was upset but could not stop herself from going back the next night. Joana bought her a present that evening for her friend. As Giaili left the free sex chat room that night, she called Joana and explained what had happened. Joana told Giaili that she understood that she had to be careful about the age difference, but that she understood that Joana trusted her.

Giaili returned to her book and began researching about her new “friends.” She felt good that she had made some new friends. Giaili then began having sex with Joana and felt good that she was turning into a real flirt. In fact, Giaili seemed like a new woman, and Joana found that she had feelings for Giaili that she never knew before. That night, Giaili invited Joana out to dinner.