Grabbing For Men Invades the Raging Stallion!

Grabbing Habits is an annual award given to an individual, business, nonprofit organization, or government entity recognized for outstanding contribution to the world of adult entertainment. It is presented by an independent private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of live pornography. This award is often presented in addition to a recipient’s winning an industry award. For more than fifteen years, Grabbers have been rewarding those individuals and organizations that truly make an incredible difference in the adult entertainment industry while also recognizing those individuals that work hard to promote other areas of sexual education and information in schools and other community venues.

Each year, the annual Chicago Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Cobia Fest) hold its own premier event. The fest includes gay porn stars and models, speakers and panelists from the adult entertainment industry, local media professionals, and local businesses. This year’s guest speakers include former Illinois State Senator Mary Jung and comedian Michael Levey. Chicago locals queers and sex-positive folks will also be at the event promoting awareness of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. The Grabbers is also proud to support other important causes such as the Chicago Women’s Health Project and Illinois Sex Education Coalition.

The Grabbys are an award show that highlights the contributions of individuals in the adult entertainment field. In the past, they have honored such notables as porn director, writer, producer, and actor Mark Nagels. Mr. Nagels came to grabby’s attention as a local performer who helped introduce the world to anal sex by way of his documentary “Anal Tapes.” The Grabbys are excited to honor Mark Nagels efforts as well as others on behalf of the entire anal sex movement. As a result, they are honoring Mr. Nagels with their annual Grabbys for Achievement in Pornography Award.

A relatively new addition to the grabby awards program, the Grabbys will also honor Lelli Kelly, the first ever female MMA champion. Ms. Kelly, who recently lost her fight to Holly Holm, captured the adult wrestling championship at the event last year. She is also an accomplished mixed martial arts athlete. The Grabbys look forward to honoring this young women for her achievements both in her MMA fighting career and in her advocacy of women in the wrestling sport.

The Grabbing for Men events in Chicago are pleased to announce the confirmation of Mark Nagels and Mike Grabb as the newest members of the Grabbys. The selections for the Grabbys’ first ever female celebrity members were made possible through the help of the Gay and Lesbian Business Network. In January, Chicago was represented at the annual GLBT Business Network Pride Awards in this capacity by former state Senator Danny Jennings. The selections for the upcoming generation of Grabbys include former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, former Runway star Robin Richardson, and former Miss World Australia Sara Harding.

With two more years of the Grabbys dominating the market in terms of both audience and sales, the Grabbys are poised to become the hottest ticket in Chicago. As the organizers of the GrabBys launch plan for their third season in Chicago, they have made it a point to be as inclusive as possible in their programming. They have also worked hard to establish a friendly rivalry with the other five major wrestling organizations located in Chicago including TNA, ECW, RVD, WCC, and ROH. No matter what happens next, the wrestling fans of Chicago will be sure to support the Grabbys whenever they decide to take another step on the road to fame and glory.