Hot Wife Kristen By: Kimbo Slice!

Hot WifeKristine is a new girl on the block. She is fresh out of college and her parents think she is too young to be in a relationship. That is OK though because she wants the same things as the other girls. She loves shopping and a little bit of online dating. That is OK too. If you can get over that shyness from high school it will work.

Hot WifeKristine is in the market for some adventure in the bedroom. You have probably seen her in the commercials. She is blonde and she does have those big boobs. That is OK though because it looks like she could carry a guy on her back and ride him like a horse.

So she has started looking for guys and it is kind of awkward. Not sure if guys are even her kind. Well, it turns out that she likes to talk to them and so she starts hanging out at the coffee shops and such. I guess she would rather be doing something else than sitting around the house.

So she asks one of the co-workers of hers if they might want to go to a slumber party with her. He said sure, so she gets the invitation. She is nervous though so she keeps it to herself. She wants to look perfect for this event.

The slumber party turns out to be just what she wanted. It was very exciting and Hot WifeKristine had a great time. This is a lesson to us all. We don’t have to spend every waking minute trying to be perfect we can have fun and go out with our friends.

Once she got over that awkward moment it was smooth sailing. She has a new respect for the opposite sex. If you are reading this then you could use a little confidence boosted. If you are unsure about yourself. store, you will have your eye on the clock. When the bill comes in the morning you will most likely sigh and say I wonder who will be in the store today. Hot WifeKristine does the same thing. The difference is that she is always checking her appearance in the mirror. Every morning she checks her figure.

She has to be in great shape to go out on a date. She doesn’t want to embarrass herself in front of anyone. She always dresses well. Even has nice shoes. That way she won’t have to worry about looking stupid when she goes out on a date.

Hot WifeKristine shows everyone what a real woman should be. There is nothing that can be perfect. We have to accept that we are all individuals. We all make mistakes. We have to move on and keep learning.