Spice Up Your Love Life With Jasmine

Recently I ran across something called Jasmine in a sexual pleasure shop. It’s a fragrance that comes from Iran. In fact, Jasmine is the name of the flower that Jasmine rose. I suppose in this country it can be used for all things sexual.

When I read about this fragrance online, my curiosity got the best of me so I ordered a bottle to test it out. This really was quite exciting because a nice light fragrance would set off all kinds of sexual fantasies for me. If a man was coming into a woman’s bedroom, he wouldn’t want a strong odor that was too overpowering. He would want Jasmine to be a pleasant compliment to the sexual experience he was about to have. So naturally, I ordered a bottle to give as a gift to my husband.

The first time I tried Jasmine in a sexual context, I felt like it might actually be a good thing. Jasmine has an almost fruity quality to it. In fact, it has a very light floral scent to it, almost like a flowery jasmine. I think part of what made it so appealing to me was the idea that Jasmine was a gift. It took the mystery out of sex.

I also found that Jasmine is sort of light and airy. It reminds me a bit of raspberry. For a man that wants to really let his sexual energy come out, a bit of raspberry would really do the trick. It would make the man feel powerful, while at the same time keeping him soft and silky.

Not only does Jasmine smell terrific, it also smells really good on the skin. While the scent may be strong enough to attract a man to you, it won’t really turn him on in the way some perfumes will. For a lot of men, that’s all they need. A perfume that smells really good and make them feel sexy, but doesn’t get them turned on in the way that other fragrances will.

The idea behind all of this was to help you put a little spice back into your sex life. When you take a little piece of jasmine and infuse it with rosewater and sweet basil, it can really stir up the sexual energy in a man. Not only that, it turns the fire of sexual desire in a man’s heart to something else, which makes the sex really special. Don’t worry, Jasmine isn’t hard to find.