Jennifer Harris – Tapping Into the Hot Internet Market

A new online community is starting with the name Jenniferaleysee. This community promises an adult video chat site where members can interact in live sex chat rooms. Members are able to upload their own live videos for others to view and everyone can view them together. The idea behind this site is similar to adult social networking sites but instead of building a social network, this one provides a community. Members can post information about themselves, sex cams, and adult videos they have found online.

Lenght: “It’s about time. Nick and I started chatting about joining this huge adult site. We both love twerk and were tired of being on Lovense. We both love the anonymity that this site offers and now it’s really ours.”

“Twerk is so hot, I just want to show some twerks some love. Oh, mod. I can’t talk in class like that. I’m so embarrassing. And these big boobs of mine, they make me so self-conscious. They make me feel smaller in the world.”

“So we decided to come up with the idea of a live webcam site where you could see us while we twerk. The first day we tried it was great. People were so amazed at how good we looked. People kept asking us questions about the site and we answered them. It turned out, people wanted to see us in real life. Now it’s our turn to twerk and make ourselves the center of attraction.”

“We decided to go for it and test the water. Since it was going to be a small trial, we asked for as many friends and family as we could get to be part of the live sex cams. We made about forty videos and put them all on the cam page. Everyone seemed to love it so well we were getting phone calls almost every night.

“Now I’m trying to get famous so I can make some more Twerky videos and really live up to the comments people gave me. I’ve learned a lot from all this. I have a new sense of appreciation for what women can do when they are sexy. This site has taught me a lot, I’m just learning on the job.”

Being a former big time Florida State Attorney, with a Masters Degree under her belt, she knew right from the start that she had to use the power of her name to generate interest and get people to visit the site. “I’m a former prosecutor, so I felt I had to do a good job with this. I really wanted people to see how intelligent and successful I could be, using my name. Plus, my friends were there because they trusted me, so it worked”.

She revealed that she wears sexy lingerie and has had men ask her out and even propose on the video site. “They think I’m just a real simple girl who is fun to be with. They couldn’t tell that it was me, they just saw my name. But once I let them in on how intelligent and passionate I can be, they just started drooling. I’m still in love with my fans”.