A Moment at the Vinyasa Yoga Meetup – Part II

On the very first day, there were approximately ten (10) members from all over the world, and they were in the “red room”. This was where they met and communicated with Jessie Minx, and she began chatting with them. Jessie wore sexy jeans, and she had on fishnet stockings and a thong, and then added a two-piece lingerie which matched the fishnet stockings.

Communication with the other model free chat room for meeting with the same black leather tanning salon for photo shoots. Online at the same time, they chatted with each other about their photographs and what they wanted to do with them, but then, they were asked to take one more shot. “What? You want to try?” they were asked.

“Sure thing”, they replied and with that, the other lady who was sitting in the chair across from Jessica, with fotky indick, approached them and they took another shot. It was during this point that Jessica and fotkyindick noticed each other. They talked about all the photos they had taken, and the way they looked. They also chatted about their favorite movies, and how they smelled when they got out of the bath. It was at this point, they both became very familiar with each other.

During the next few minutes, fotkyindick and Jessica got up from their seats and as soon as the cameras started rolling, they introduced themselves. Jessie Minx was calling Hork. Hork was introduced to Noh Obr Zky. Noh Obr Zky recognized Hork instantly, he had been watching the same YouTube videos Jessica and Hork had watched earlier that day.

Jessica then asked Hork if he knew how old he was, and he replied “Not really, I’m not exactly a baby.” Jessica then asked, “You look like you could use a little help in here”. Hork laughed and said “Nah Prsa, I’m not trying to be funny but I don’t know where I’ve been.” Jessica then asked him to stand up.

When Hork took his seat facing Jessica, they immediately had a good laugh. Jessica then asked Hork if he knew why he had gotten into doing YouTube videos. Hork explained that he got into it because it allowed him to interact with people from all over the world. Jessica then told him that she was from the United States and that she was studying Vinyasa yoga, which he said he was very interested in.