Women in Pornography

The first time I heard of Joanne Saucier, it was when she won the Biggest Loser competition. At that time I thought it was a terrible joke and I didn’t pay much attention to what she did. But as it turned out, Saucier is a legitimate winner with an interesting career in adult entertainment. She has appeared on the Adult Friend Finder website as well as appearing on Wheel of Fortune and other popular games. Now she is promoting her own website and has a new book being published by Stone Street Publishing.

Joanne Saucier is not the only woman to have achieved this feat. There are many great women in the adult industry and in fact there are more women in live porn than men. In fact it would be impossible to count the number of women in live porn because there are literally millions of women on internet sites. But what makes a woman stand out from the crowd?

Well, Joanne Saucier definitely stands out in that she has appeared in a lot of adult films. There are many women out there who choose to only be in a few select films and that does not mean they are less talented. Many women are incredibly talented and produce quality films all the time. So what makes women in pornography so different than women in any other career?

Well you can start by knowing that most women in pornography are in it for the money. They are making a living and they know how to market that business. Saucier knows how to get the word out about her site and she also knows how to get girls to join in the money making fun.

Another thing you should know about women in live porn is that they are usually very confident people. Saucier for example has over 500k followers on her twitter page so people are following her and talking to her and most of them seem like normal everyday people. This shows that the woman in pornography is confident and knows how to deal with people and they are generally very open and friendly.

There are some downsides to women in pornography and you should consider them before you decide to start following someone. Joanne Saucier for instance has been arrested several times and has been sentenced to jail on several occasions. She has also been reported to abuse prescription drugs and was married multiple times. She has also had past problems with drug addiction and should be avoided if possible.