Hot Secret Warning – Do Not Read This Book With Your Children

In this latest release from the award-winning studio, Women on Top, the busty brunette stunner Julietacarter has once again dazzled the scene with her amazing and sensuous performance. This time it is her perfect body which we are privy to as she flaunts her sheer assets in the most seductive manner. Boasting a huge and extremely well toned set of abs as well as an almost effortless cleavage, Julietacarter’s curves are simply flawless. And her most exposed asset has got to be her large and well rounded ass which she gracefully spends most of her time exposing.

As the scene opens up on Juliet, she is in bed and the lighting behind her makes her look like a really sexy model. The lighting reflects off of the smooth skin on her back and the curves of her rear. Her hair is also flowing nicely off of her face and onto the pillow, which give her that extra oomph factor. I’m sure you all have seen this before and maybe even if you did not you would instantly notice the similar effect. Not only that, but the lighting behind her is just as romantic as it should be for a porn star. The lighting is highlighting her assets perfectly, and she is laying back with her eyes closed as her lover licks her wet, warm skin.

As I continue down the page, we get a close up of Juliet’s nipples as her lover penetrates her from behind. It is so intense and sensual to see such an active reaction from her as she moans out in pleasure as her nipple comes into contact with his member. I don’t think there has been a lot more that can get a woman involved in the scene from behind then that. That is something I can appreciate about Julietacarter, because her acting is very realistic and arousing, without being over the top like some of the better erotic books have managed to be.

After the scene ends, we get a little girl sitting on the couch next to Juliet. I don’t know how long she has been sitting there, but when she gets up to go to the bathroom, she has to put her clothes on like a good little girl. And when she comes out in the robe and looks at the television, the camera is so focused on the screen that you wouldn’t even know whether or not the girl next to you had just looked at your book or if she was watching the television. This may be one of the most erotic scenes I have ever read, and it is directed by James Patterson, who is the author of A Visit from the Grand Piano.

I would definitely recommend this to lovers of fantasy romance. If you are into tales that involve younger lovers, or even younger women, you will definitely get something out of this book. I would definitely recommend it to women who want to see more action with their man. It contains some very steamy scenes, but it is all in good taste and has never been compared to books with more explicit content.

Two thumbs up! I would totally re-read it again and be happy if someone asked me to recommend it to a friend. If you want a book that has a lot of good material that makes a good read, then this is it. It is fast-paced and contains a great deal of steamy material that is sure to make you happy.