How to Use a Free Video Sticker

A new member of the XCode application maker family, Katlynshine is an attractive-looking iPhone and iPad app. Basic features. Bells, whistles, multi-touch support. Editors’ comment: This is definitely a first-rate of the limited trial version of Katlynshine 3.Porting both the basic features and the media functions you’d expect in a full version of the app.

Features: Omegle integration for video and voice recording. Tap to play and long-tapping to stop. Long-tap to undo and long-tap to lock focus. The ability to send the result as a text message or email. The code is clean and has not been released to the public.

Long story short, a colleague asked me to send him some video footage from a presentation he was making and asked if I minded uploading it to YouTube. I checked that the address was correct and sent it. About 20 minutes later the colleague wrote to say that he was having a problem with two things – he couldn’t get the video to buffer at all and he wasn’t getting any sound out of it. After uninstalling the latest updates for YouTube and launching the Katlynshine app, he was able to view the video fine. So that was the problem… there was no voice recording feature.

Long story short, a few days later I found out that Katlyn Sunshine had integrated the Omegle protocol so that when you record your voice, the sound comes out clearly and can be sent to almost every compatible receiver. So I emailed her with my problems and she sent back with a great solution. First of all, if your screen is touch enabled then you need to turn that setting off otherwise you will receive an error message saying that there’s no wireless device available. Next you need to go to “Change Preferences” and then click on the microphone tab. You then need to click “Auto Recording” and select “Yes”. This will now record your voice to an omegle device for you to send live.

So if you are using an Omegle enabled phone to view the Katlyn Sunshine videos and you cannot see the text portion on the screen, all you need to do is tap the “recorded” text icon on the right hand side of the screen. An overlay will appear below the video, so all you have to do is tap the text icon and a window will appear below the normal windows. Select “emenu”, tap the plus sign next to” Recorded” and then select “OK”. Now if you want to view the recording as a PowerPoint presentation, all you need to do is click on the “phaser” icon in the upper left hand corner. If you want to view the recorded video as a still image, all you need to do is click on the arrow on the lower right hand corner of the screen.

At the time of writing this article, Katlyn Sunshine has been released for download from their official site for a very reasonable price of $2.99. The downloadable software allows you to upload and download as many videos as you want for free. You can also export your favourite videos in many different formats such as AVI, MPG, JPEG and PNG. This is great as you can then watch the videos on your computer or portable TV, as long as your favourite video player has the video playback capabilities to play the videos. In addition to being a great example of a hands on learning tool, Katlyn Sunshine also makes use of some of the most advanced technology to ensure that you can save money on your mobile phone bill.