Know What a Katrina 4 You Video is About

Katrina Price is a glamour model and professional dancer. She has appeared in some of the most famous advertisements and photographs. It all began when she was hired to pose for swimsuits by Reebok. She used these photos along with her dance skills to help sell the company’s line of swimsuits. She became known for her ability to bend over backwards for poses while showing off her beautiful legs. After a few years of this hard work, Katrina began to be known for being one of the most flexible models in the business and also began to be recognized for the unique way in which she would sometimes bend over backwards for photos without her legs being shown.

These photos and videos of Katrina were featured in her first solo DVD, Katrina’s Secrets. This led to her receiving more video requests and soon enough her name began to be seen on videos for companies such as Penthouse Live. She had followed this up with appearances on several other television shows including Extra, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, and Access Hollywood. The attention that she received from this marked the beginning of her long journey to become one of the best models and performers to come out of the United States.

As her career and popularity began to grow, so did her popularity on the social network sites. She gained more fans, and before long her videos and photos of her were being requested by members of the public. This is where Katrina4You really began to take off. She began to be seen by many fans and followers on MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, and several other social media sites. This is when advertisers began to see her as a perfect candidate for paying for her sexual favors through live sex cams.

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