Kattysky – Keeping Up With All of Her Cam Girl Popularities

Kattysky is an eighteen-year-old Spanish girl who has been dreaming of becoming an adult model for quite some time now. Recently, she managed to get hired by Perfect Woman Pictures as their new “in-house” porn star. Now, she has the big opportunity that will change her life…or at least the lives of her dream girls! Get to know this sexy young model from Spain live!

KattySky is one of those rare models whose real name is unknown to anyone in the public. She only goes by “Katty” on the Internet. This is why she was hoping to get a shoot for a “free sex chat” site where all she had to do was take off her clothes and show off her body. See her showing off her curvy figure in one of these free live cam girl videos before she strips completely and gets totally naked on webcam! No one has ever seen this girl before, so it’s a dream come true for her.

Her birth date is relatively unknown, but we do know that she was born in Encenita Gasteiz, Spain, on March 7th, 1992. She was actually born on a rather busy day in the region, so it is possible that she was trying to hurry to get to the United States to stay with her parents when her parents divorced. Since she is a very shy girl, it might be hard for her to part ways with them without drawing more attention to herself. That is the reason why many Spanish live cam models tend to go to these Internet sites to advertise themselves.

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