Pearls – Still the Jewel of Choice For Women and Men Everywhere

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When women think about pearls, they often think about all the jewelry that has come and gone off the market over the years – especially the older pearls. They forget that pearls are more than just pretty stones placed in expensive jewelry boxes – they are meaningful and rare. Pearls are thought of today as being made into bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, rings, and even watches. Women who buy fresh pearls are assured they will last just as long as the person who gave them.

The history of pearls dates back about 2021 years. They were once made primarily out of oysters. Since then, pearls have gone through changes, expansion, and – in the last twenty or thirty years – actual growth. There are about sixteen different species of pearl, with the finest ones being from Asia and Africa. But no matter where they come from, a pearl is always a beautiful and unique gemstone.

The popularity of pearls among women extends to men as well – although they are far less likely to wear them than their female counterparts. However, some men do keep pearl jewelry as part of their wardrobe, especially those who enjoy sports and fishing. It’s interesting to note that – while most sportsmen keep their expensive equipment in special lock boxes at home – there are a growing number of them who are wearing pearls and other gemstones as part of their overall jewelry.

In fact, the growing trend of men wearing pearls is particularly noticeable during the summer months. This is because many of them, during these months, will travel outside a lot. And while they may be tempted to buy cheaper items for their trips, they should keep in mind the type of pearl jewelry they will be wearing. While pearls made out of freshwater pearls are ideal for tropical beach wear, they are not the best choice for activities that can take place in water – such as boating or jet skiing.