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YouPorn is an adult free web video sharing site and one of the top 100 most visited websites worldwide. It grew rapidly in popularity due to its free porn videos, which were initially available only for people who signed up with the site, but today it is accessible to anyone. YouPorn started out as an adult dating site, but today it also features many adult games and chat rooms.   The site is free to join and contains a wide variety of adult videos, ranging from movies to short clips, but it also allows members to upload their own videos. It is not uncommon for YouPorn members to upload their own personal videos to their members area. As of June 2009, it has the biggest number of daily visitors than YouTube, the second biggest. In November 2007 it was stated to be the third most visited free pornography website on the Internet, after PornHub and Redtube. While it is not possible to accurately calculate the number of users who view YouPorn videos each day, estimates place it between five and ten million, making it one of the biggest online porn sites.   While YouPorn does not have a paid membership or subscription fee, there are a number of paid membership options available to those looking for access to the free online porn site. One of these options is the “premium” membership option, which allows people to view unlimited sex videos and other adult products for a monthly fee. There are also “memberships” that allow you to watch unlimited videos for a year without paying any monthly fees, as well as other “extras” that allow you to make extra payments or buy extra adult products.   Sex videos for YouPorn can be purchased in bulk, which allows you to create your own videos, download them quickly to your computer and play them as often as you like. You can create a series of videos and share them with friends using the social networking sites of YouPorn. Some members pay only one fee for all the sex videos and other members pay different fees for different types of videos. YouPorn members can even purchase the porn stars themselves if they choose to. For example, if you want to watch a video starring Pamela Anderson, you can download a video featuring her and have it sent directly to your e-mail address.   Another option is the ability to add your own webcam so that you can take part in the free adult chats and other member’s area on YouPorn. A webcam is the ideal tool for live chatting and sharing videos with your friends. Although there are no paid chat rooms, you can access adult chat rooms that can be set up through the website to chat with other members for a nominal fee.   You may be surprised to find out that many of the sex videos on YouPorn can be viewed on your own web video player using a webcam. Most videos are created in high definition (HD) and run in a loop. For those who prefer to use standard definition (SD), you may want to download a movie first before streaming it to your computer.