A New Site With an Old Name – MIakinkDD

MIAKINKDD (Mandarin: 上迌) is a famous Chinese adult video website owned by the same group that produces Chinese TV shows such as Dear Mom and Can’t Stop For 10 Years. Over the years, it has become a popular site for uploading uncensored pornography movies and videos. Recently, however, the site was shut down after it was discovered that the site was being used to promote online casinos. The site is down mostly now, but users can still access it via an online proxy server.

For those who wish to visit the “closed” section of the site, they can do so using a proxy server such as WeBuzz. This will hide the user’s IP address and prevent detection from site visitors. Unfortunately, it also blocks access to the regular MIakinkdd chaturbate site. If one wishes to view the nudes, one may have to access the proxy server site instead. Otherwise, one can always log into the normal MIakinkdd site and view the webcam porn movies.

Over the past couple of years, MIakinkdd has become a popular destination for people who love to watch naked ladies in lingerie performing multiple sex acts. Users can search for and view as many videos as they want. There is even an “exotic dancers” category, which has dozens of exotic dancers posing in sexy costumes. Of course, any user can simply login and watch videos on any category at any time.

Users can post messages to other members while logged into the site. They can also chat live with other cam members. MIakinkdd also allows users to rate each other. It does not matter whether the user is male or female; ratings are kept private and are only available within the members’ personal pages. Thus, chatting live with other MIakinkdd users is not possible.

Despite its limited features, the live webcam chat feature of this site is truly praiseworthy. The software works fast and each user gets the chance to interact with others. Moreover, the software promises minimal background consumption. Many similar live nude-porn sites offer free video clips, but these services are often inefficient and/or slow. Unlike the MIakinkdd cam sites, the free cam sites tend to be less user-friendly.

However, despite its limitations, the site is still quite popular. According to Alexa, a web traffic analysis website, over five hundred thousand users visit the site every day. Only 0.5% of these users actually subscribe to the paid services. As it is, this webcam chat site is fairly new. Currently, there are no advertisements. The administrators of the site hope to soon eliminate all advertisement related fees in the near future.